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In 2013 Salud por Derecho advocated the creation of the Working Group on Health, Medicine and Innovation (GTSMI); an initiative of a group of organizations and experts deeply concerned with the impact that budget cuts and other policies to reduce public deficit are having on the access to health services and medicine in Europe, especially in the countries that have been most affected by the crisis, like Spain. The Group was also founded on the structural weaknesses of the research, development, regulation and commercialization of health technologies, not only in Spain but globally.

The GTSMI set out to develop analytical work, drafting policy proposals and political advocacy projects to follow up on the impact that Royal Decree 16/2012 and the Spanish policies on pharmaceutical co-payment are having on the access to medicine, the lack of transparency and accountability in the different parts of the drug development process and regulation and to encourage the adoption of alternative practices to rectify the shortcomings of the current model for biomedical innovation.

The GTSMI, coordinated by Salud por Derecho, was made up of the following organizations: La Confederación de Consumidores y Usuarios, Farmacéuticos sin Fronteras, Médicos del Mundo, No Gracias, Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue and individual experts David del Campo, Joan Rovira and Judit Rius. This working group was extremely influential in the implementation of the No Es Sano (It’s Not Healthy) campaign, also spearheaded by Salud por Derecho in the context of the 2015 general elections. The GTSMI has been inactive since mid-2015.