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Millions of people get sick and die from causes that could largely be prevented with access to health services. In addition, millions of families fall further into the trap of poverty through a lack of social protection that means they must bear the cost of healthcare themselves.

One of the main problems is the lack of political will and economic capacity in developing countries to allocate resources to health. In addition, many of these countries are highly dependent on international cooperation, which is often inadequate and unpredictable in the long run. This is compounded by the fact that high-income countries abandoned their international responsibilities during the economic crisis, drastically reducing their international aid budgets.


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Quality health coverage in every country, while only achievable in the long-term, is a reachable goal. Which is why we participate in international efforts to place universal access to health on the international agenda, seeking a new way to govern health based on the principle of all states sharing a sense of global responsibility and which makes the right to health for all people, wherever they live, a reality.

Funding is crucial in order to move towards universal access to health and to eradicate pandemics like AIDS. Therefore, Salud por Derecho encourages bigger and better health-related cooperation between Spanish and European institutions, and we work to increase funding from public budgets and through mechanisms like the Robin Hood Tax.


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Salud por Derecho has coordinated the Spanish campaign for the implementation of the Financial Transactions Tax, or Robin Hood Tax, since 2013. A tax that applies a tiny fee on the buying and selling of stocks and bonds and other financial products like derivatives.

The proposal that the European Commission has put on the table and which is supported by most of civil society is that the trading of stocks and bonds should be taxed at 0.1% and derivatives by 0.01%. It would have a three-fold objective:

nextAllow governments to establish control in financial transactions, which currently lack regulation; the financial sector is the one that pays less while also being the most lucrative.

nextDiscourage the most speculative transactions that, to a large extent, caused the crisis that has swept the world in recent years.

nextCollect a significant amount of money: it is estimated that up to 35 billion euros in revenue could be collected in the ten European countries where the tax will be applied.


This measure could raise up to five billion euros a year in Spain alone, and on behalf of civil society we demand that the funds raised be allocated as follows:


to address social needs in Spain.


to programs that combat global poverty and climate change.

Salud por Derecho is a member of the Spanish Robin Hood Alliance and the European Robin Hood Coalition with which we are working so that both national and European authorities make sure that the implementation of the FTT becomes a reality.